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CooperVision Offers Automated Patient Communications With Websystem3


CooperVision’s Websystem3
Top Line: CooperVision now offers eye doctors the ability to communicate with patients automatically using custom Web-based software offered by Websystem3. Websystem3 builds on CooperVision’s popular CV+ Program. With digital media and mobile device use on the rise, WebSystem3 allows practices to automate key communications, taking advantage of technology to build digital marketing programs to drive practice revenues.
Close Up: CooperVision describes Websystem3 as “powerful, cloud-based software created by an optometrist for eye care professionals.” Among its capabilities are the automatic scheduling of available appointment times and of the ability to directly link satisfied patients to the most popular online review sites. These are essential for eye doctors looking to acquire, retain, and engage patients.
The software enables an eye care practice to send out practice branded email marketing campaigns and newsletters, deploy survey requests, push text messages to patients and integrate with Facebook.
“All of us at CooperVision are very excited about completing our ownership position of the Websystem3 portfolio of services that help provide the information and convenience demanded by today’s eye care consumers. We will be dedicating substantial resources to support Websystem3’s mission of helping eye care providers serve and grow their patient base,” said Andrew Sedgwick, President, Americas for CooperVision.
Michael Arnell, OD, the creator of WebSystem3 added, “As a practicing OD, I set out to build intelligent software that would solve the marketing needs of a practice – primarily to get more appointments and further engage with patients. We are honored that CooperVision will now bring the advantages of Websystem3 to help support eye care providers.”
Vital Stats: An integrated mobile application and automated voice messaging is also available.;