MELVILLE, N.Y.—Nikon Optical USA is introducing Seecoat Blue, a new type of AR coating that cuts blue light, a major source of eyestrain.

“Americans, on average, spend over half their waking hours in front of digital screens, such as computers, smart phones, tablets and televisions,” said Rick Davis, Nikon’s executive vice president. “These devices emit strong blue light which scatters easily, reducing contrast and adding to eye fatigue. Seecoat Blue is the first in a new category of functional anti-reflective coating that reduces blue light, improves contrast and reduces eye fatigue.”

“Japan is a highly evolved ophthalmic lens market where 99 percent of all lenses are AR coated,” noted Davis. “Since Seecoat Blue was introduced in Japan in 2011, it has received the prestigious ‘Good Design Award.’ We’re proud to bring the benefits of this technology to the U.S.”

Seecoat Blue has a 97.5 percent luminous transmittance percent, while reducing blue light by 10 percent compared to conventional AR coated lenses. The coating also has scratch resistant, super-oleophobic and anti-static properties. It is available through authorized Nikon distributors.