Crown Vision Centers

Alton, Illinois
Charles “Matt” Matthews, President/CEO

Target Demographic: Ages 25 to 54, skewing female, and Baby Boomers 60 to 70. It’s our philosophy to run to steer peak season demand such as back-to-school or first quarter later winter early spring as the buying traffic goes up, during periods when a higher number of people are shopping for eyecare services.

What’s the Message: Our spots always contain an offer. We are not big believers in extensive use of image advertising. We prefer a call to action that gives the viewer a reason to do something when they see our ad.

Media Outlets: Broadcast and cable TV. Again skewing female, we tend to buy the Lifetime Channel and not a lot of sports. You can pick more of a demographic menu on cable, where the viewership is smaller but much more targeted. We also like the Nielsen numbers on local broadcast television because they’ve been in the system a long time. We use TV in a multi-channel coordinated scheme. Our ads conclude with our message board containing our website where a consumer can either schedule an exam 24/7 and shop at our online store, either by previewing the product or actually purchasing it so it is ready for pickup at the store or for delivery.

We do have some presence on YouTube, which is one way to stand out from the crowd. We use YouTube for lasik. When they search for lasik, our video pops up, and because there are a smaller number of people searching on YouTube than on Google, it’s easier to rank well and become more visible.

Return on Investment:
Measuring ROI is an inexact science that we monitor by exam appointment activity. When we’re on, the exams are being booked. That’s our barometer.

Takeaways: We use 10-second spots, not exclusively, but they help extend our effectiveness by increasing the frequency that our ads run in the local market. Television is a very cost-effective means of delivery with a low cost per impression, especially for eyecare providers that can service everyone watching TV, adults, children, seniors. If you cover the market and you have affordable TV rates, it’s a good way to reach those people economically.