VALLEY VIEW, Ohio—In response to a growing demand for earth-friendly products, Nanofilm, based here, is launching Clarity EcoClens Lens Cleaner. The new product is a solution made from biodegradable components in a 100 percent recycled one-ounce plastic spray bottle that is silk-screened to eliminate label material. The product is shipped in 100 percent recycled cardboard cartons.

The formula has earned high ratings for safe cleaning of soils, fingerprints and dirt without leaving streaks or haze, according to Jodi Groh, Nanofilm’s director of marketing. It is proven to be safe and effective on all eyeglass lenses, including AR and superhydrophobic surfaces, and is also used on camera lenses, computer screens, binoculars and other optics, she said.

The new eco-friendly cleaner adds to Nanofilm’s expanding product line which is part of the company’s campaign to emphasize the importants of lens care.