SALISBURY, N.C.—While the list of services on Salisbury Eyecare and Eyewear’s website include comprehensive eye exams, medical eyecare and emergency eyecare, Melanie J. Denton, OD, MBA, FAAO is also providing a fun, digitally savvy twist for her patients through her practice’s informative and entertaining YouTube channel.

From covering topics like “snow blindness,” unveiling new technology in the office such as an OCT machine and volunteering at medical clinics, Melanie also includes videos showcasing her hidden balloon animal making talent, fun videos during community events as well as Vlogs featuring our favorite dachshund, Snoopy.

Through her Vlogs, Denton showcases just another method that ODs and retailers can utilize to connect with their patients and communities. In this digital landscape, creating connections online has quickly become an important tool for maintaining existing customer and patient relationships as well as forging new ones IRL.


“As an optometrist, I feel honored and privileged to be a guardian of sight,” Denton said in her Vlog, The Story of Salisbury Eyecare and Eyewear. “When you think about it, your sight is typically the last thing that anyone wants to lose. Being a person’s doctor and being entrusted with their eyecare is more humbling and rewarding than I ever expected it to be.”

Since it’s the weekend, kick back and take a look at Denton’s introduction video of Salisbury Eyecare and Eyewear below to learn more about her passions.