Roxanna Jahangirian is a California-based optometrist who’s been practicing since 2015. A graduate of the Southern California College of Optometry, Jahangirian opened her practice, West LA Optometry (a sublease model inside of LensCrafters), in July of 2017. That same year, she also created her Instagram page—EyesbyDr.J—a feel-good, lifestyle page that aims to show how this optometrist creates a balance between educating, practicing and traveling.

“I wanted a page that was a mix between work-life, educational and entertainment (travel),” she stated. “I wanted the page to be a mix of fun as well as demonstrating that all three provide different types of perspectives and balance into your life. I believe travel is also very educational and it’s a time where you can tap into your ‘inner-eye.’”

With EyesbyDr.J, Jahangirian is able to showcase all aspects of her life—making the page a source of information as well as a personal blog. Her posts range from the time she spends with patients in her office, information on various products such as Lumify eye drops or OcuSoft lid scrubs or her different excursions to scenic places such as the Royal Palace of Madrid, Monaco and Hawaii. Tying the entire page together are Jahangirian’s weekly posts that use the hashtag #FrameFriday to showcase a specific pair of sunglasses that may have caught her eye that week.

While she likes to keep her page fun and lighthearted, she is very methodical when it comes to the content she posts. Because she is a practicing doctor, she understands that people coming to her page hold her opinions to a higher standard, so she makes sure to be thorough in her fact-checking.

She stated, “Being a practitioner on social media comes with a due diligence in my opinion. It is my due diligence to only post information that I am educated on and word it in such a way that a patient knows they should come in to get evaluated for a true diagnosis. Also, I believe it is extremely important to be professional and aware that anything that is posted is out for your patients and the public to see.”

Though she is vigorous with the information she posts, Jahangirian is still very open-minded when it comes to how she curates her content, because she understands that not all her followers come from the optical world. Most of the inspiration for her posts comes from industry trending topics, suggestions from patients or a mixture of both.

She finds that some trending topics such as blue light, allow her followers from outside the industry to relate more; topics such as dry eye are a source of major questions from her patients. “My target audience is anyone in the area who is looking for a new optometrist and is interested in information on what the practice offers. My audience is also made up of people generally interested in learning eye information. I also target those who enjoy traveling and may be looking to balance that with work,” she said.


Since its inception, EyesbyDr.J has garnered a solid 1,024 followers. However, while the page is doing well, taking the time to create content for EyebyDr.J can be a bit challenging for Dr. J. She said, “When I’m done with patients or am on my down-time, I’m still doing a lot of administrative work for my business. So, I think just carving out time to think of new content, creating them, and posting has been my biggest challenge.” All her hard work seems to be paying off, however, as some patients found her on Instagram and wound up coming into her practice.


As the page continues to grow, Jahangirian hopes that her followers and potential patients are inspired to live fully balanced lives. “I hope people who visit my page learn health eye tips, get an understanding of my practice, prompting them to come in for their exams and also realize that you can have your own business or have a full-time position and still live a very balanced life.”