New Expertise eBook Lets ECPs Fine-Tune Messaging


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Product: An e-book that teaches ECPs how communicate effectively about their specialties or areas or expertise.
Top Line: An optometrist’s specialties or a practice’s area of expertise are the ways that OD practices can differentiate themselves. A new ebook from EyeCarePro explains how effectively communicating a vision care expertise can help optometry practices rise to the top. It also illustrates how its ODSpecialty service works and offers a step by step guide to developing, and then utilizing, an expertise as the lead messaging for an OD practice.
Close Up: EyeCarePro explained, “We know that the largest struggle to bringing in more specialty patients is simply getting the word out. To accomplish this, website content can’t simply be descriptive, it has to be authoritative. You will be provided with extensive, top-tier content related to your specialty, which establishes you as the local resource and authority on the topic. Your website will not only capture relevant searches, it will engage, educate and inform new patients while building trust in your expertise.
“Our ODSpecialty service is designed to market a practice’s specialty services to attract the right kind of patients. Marketing teams are experts in low vision, orthoK, pediatrics, dry eye, specialty lenses and high-end optical. Specific techniques are used to identify and attract these patients to a practice. Unique content specific to your specialty is developed, including specialty-specific campaigns for email and Facebook efforts,” EyeCarePro said.
“Be a leader,” the book advises ECPs. “Marketing (storytelling) is about being able to say (and then saying it loud and clear) that you are the leader. You can’t really say that about general eyecare practice, but you can if you have selected a niche where you are the only provider or perhaps one of two in your community.”
Vital Stats: The new ebook, available for free download, shares ideas for selecting an expertise for your practice and avoiding the usual pitfalls that can prevent a practitioner from moving forward with a communication plan about it.