This month marked the launch of Meta’s new social media platform Threads. Designed to be a more positive experience than its rival Twitter, the platform has already seen significant buy-in and generated threats of lawsuits from Twitter owner Elon Musk.

In an age where traditional forms of print advertising have been passed over for social media marketing strategies, many companies are feeling confused about which medium is right for them. A changing social media landscape has forced companies to adopt new platforms at lightning speed to ensure they are reaching their target audience.

While Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok remain the most popular choices for advertisers, new platforms are emerging every day such as MeWe, Ello and BitChutes.

VMAIL Weekend asked industry several experts what social media platforms they find most effective in growing sales and reaching their target audience. Here’s what they had to say.

Trudi Charest

LinkedIn is my go to social channel. It’s the professional Facebook. I have over 10,000 connections and most of from are the eyecare industry. It’s the easiest platform to find your target audience and connect. My secret is to be valuable and a resource to keep my connections engaged.

Trevor Miranda
Owner and Optometrist
Cowichan Eyecare

I feel like Meta platforms Instagram and Facebook are allowing our doctors and clinics to connect directly with existing patients and potential new patients. Video content is an increasingly important part of education on eyecare and eyewear options as well as being entertaining.

Justo Torres
Sales Account Executive

For me, LinkedIn has truly been a game changer in the realm of customer acquisition and expanding my network. The targeted nature of LinkedIn allows me to reach our ideal customers with precision, establish meaningful relationships, generate leads resulting in improved conversion rates and establish successful business outcomes.

Carrie Wilson
Optigal Consulting

I find that I get the most success from LinkedIn and Facebook. Because most of my clients are other businesses, those are the platforms that have the most decision-makers on them.

Carolina Gago
Chief Operating Officer

Our main channels are LinkedIn for laboratories and Facebook for ECPs. We also use YouTube and Instagram.