Did you know that eyewear frames are one of the best examples of digital technology in a fashion world?

The unsurpassed quality of eyewear is digitally designed and manufactured with the personal touch of the artisan and the team from the fashion design house. Prototypes are 3D-printed and refined before the numerically controlled multi-axis mills are programmed to cut sweeping contours to expose the layers of color from a multi-colored sheet of acetate. Today, almost any variety of unique metals is extruded, shaped, precision soldered and color finished. Like the master carpenter, the joinery of metals, acetate and/or injected parts is flawlessly brought together for more style, patterns and textures options than ever before.

To put it into perspective, these multi-million dollar investments in technology provide better eyeglass frames, more choices of color and materials with better durability. And, when produced in collaboration with a fashion designer, they often are the most affordable of designer accessories. Digital technology, embedded in eyewear frames, is of great value.