BOCA RATON, Fla.—Healthy Eyes Advantage (HEA) has introduced its Innovative Tech Practice Booster to support HEA members in diversifying their practices with services not yet widely available and developing new revenue streams through implementation of the newest and most cutting-edge technologies that deliver an enhanced patient experience. Each HEA Practice Booster strategically combines a group of unique vendor partners within a specific practice niche that has been vetted to enhance health outcomes while strengthening the competitiveness and bottom line of HEA member practices.

HEA, the ophthalmic purchasing and business solutions partner for more than 10,000 independent eyecare professionals, pointed out that the Innovative Tech Practice Booster helps IECPs stay ahead of the ever-increasing consumer demand for technology by bringing together the following suite of six programs and services:

  • Cognitive testing that is applicable across the age spectrum within a broad wellness context and also reinforces the value of best corrected vision, with Thrive from Cognivue;  
  • Contoured prism, delivering life-changing relief to patients suffering from binocular dysfunction and ocular misalignment, from neurolens
  • Telehealth from EyecareLive, a practical tool for increasing practice capacity while ensuring physical distance and delivering added patient convenience;
  • Digital try-on from My Frame Gallery, allowing patients to preview optical selections so they present with a head start on the in-office optical styling process;  
  • Tele-audiology in partnership with Your Hearing Network, that allows IECPs to offer single-visit vison and hearing care; and 
  • Check-in efficiency for streamlined patient flow management that increases practice capacity, with Parking Lot Check In.
"We are gratified by the tremendous response we received to our first Practice Booster which offers a streamlined approach for establishing an AMD sub-specialty, and I am eager for HEA members to explore the diverse group of opportunities within our new Innovative Tech offering,” stated HEA chairman and CEO Jim McGrann. “We are particularly excited that this Practice Booster includes a wide array of out-of-the box options for our members to reimagine the patient care they deliver and differentiate their brand while also creating new profit centers within their practices. Expanding the menu of service offerings in ways that satisfy patient demand for advanced technology while enhancing financial performance creates the ultimate win-win situation for our members and their patients.”

The next Practice Booster, Medical Software Essentials, will be introduced later this year and is designed to support IECP practices in becoming fully outfitted to drive medical revenue growth. Although presented together, any component of each HEA Practice Booster can be implemented individually, with no obligation to adopt all aspects of the Booster.

HEA members interested in learning more about how the vendor partner programs in the Innovative Tech Practice Booster—Cognivue, neurolens, EyecareLive, My Frame Gallery, Your Hearing Network and Parking Lot Check In—enable practice differentiation, an enhanced patient experience, and significant return on investment can contact the HEA Solutions Specialists team at (800) 959-2020, Option 3. IECPs who are not HEA members are also invited to call the HEA Solutions Specialists team to learn more about the benefits of HEA membership, including the Practice Booster programs.