Founded in 1984 by a small group of private optometrists, ABB OneBill is a division of ABB Optical Group focused on enhancing the independent professional optometrist’s ability to compete in a rapidly changing marketplace. This includes providing a consolidated billing service, favorable purchasing arrangements, vendor discounts and programs, business management and marketing support, educational programs for practitioners and staff, medical billing services via a third party, and other support services.

Erika Jurrens

“ABB OneBill (formerly known as Primary EyeCare Network) exists to support the independent eyecare provider,” said Erika Jurrens, senior vice president of strategic development and commercialization, ABB Optical Group. “Their challenges are our challenges. We feel the pain that our independent eyecare professionals (IECPs) have been facing with staffing challenges as well as supply chain issues.

“ABB OneBill has launched so many exciting offers to help address many of the challenges. The team is heavily focused on how to best integrate all that ABB Optical Group and ABB OneBill vendors have to offer that will have the biggest impact for each member,” Jurrens said.

As part of ABB Optical Group, ABB OneBill members can access the full suite of business solutions, services and products available to ABB Optical Group customers. ABB OneBill offers negotiated competitive discounts to its members, education, and consolidated billing.

“We provide efficiencies like paying vendors upfront on their behalf and customized Medicare forms,” said Jurrens. “ABB OneBill also provides an informative reference guide with year-round resources for members. New vendors are added to the portfolio with ongoing discounts and rebates back to our members.”

ABB OneBill is also looking ahead to the remainder of 2023 and helping ECPs tackle the many challenges that come along with an uncertain economy and even more expected from their members in the post-pandemic era.

“It’s no surprise to anyone that COVID has reshaped how many organizations are now servicing their customers. 2023 will continue to push and challenge ECPs to think about how they are providing service to their patients,” Jurrens said. “The push of consumers online and how that has reshaped health care is significant. Patients are more demanding; employees are harder to retain and hire and remaining competitive and relevant is crucial for differentiation.

“ABB OneBill aims to provide the ECPs the resources they need to navigate industry challenges and add efficiencies and cost savings to their practice. Consumer purchasing behaviors have changed with an increased focus on convenience and online ordering. One of the many services that ABB OneBill provides is access to best-in-class online contact lens ordering platforms like Abby. Launched last year,, ABB Optical Group’s e-commerce platform, ensures the patient-doctor relationship stays intact.”

ABB OneBill offers members access to an array of vendors (frames and contact lens distributors, laboratory services, business services, equipment, ophthalmic products) and the convenience of having all billing consolidated into a single monthly statement. Customers enjoy an easy payment structure/system with flexible payment options and the ability to pay at the click of a button, according to the company.

Membership is free and current membership stands at 2,200 members.

“We have doubled the size of our team to support future growth opportunities and provide even better service to our members,” added Jurrens. “Their focus is to bring on new vendors and negotiate the best discounts and rebates for our members.”