ADO Practice Solutions prides itself on keeping practices in “complete control of their business.” A division of Walman, ADO offers its members more than discounts—it is an optometric doctor alliance that provides a variety of practice management and growth services with the expertise and industry partnerships to help grow eyecare professionals’ practices, according to the company. The goal is to function as an extension of its members’ practices, helping them become more efficient, productive and profitable.

ADO Practice Solutions has been helping professionals achieve their goals by providing valuable resources, tools and support,” said Jobe Sellers, vice president and general manager of ADO. “With three membership levels, they cater to the diverse needs of members and help them reach their full potential.”

At the ADO Core membership level, members enjoy savings and access to exclusive discounts on a variety of products and services. This membership level is ideal for eyecare professionals who are looking to save money while still getting access to quality resources, according to Sellers.

Benefits at this level include free frame shipping, a program that allows customers to order both frames and prescription lenses from a variety of vendors in one step. The program, which is a partnership between ADO and Walman Optical, offers over 25 vendors to choose from, eliminating shipping charges for the member.

The Core membership also offers a CLogic contact lens rebate program designed to provide a benefit to eyecare practices by offering guarantees on contact lens purchases. By combining manufacturer and distributor rebates, the program aims to provide higher rebates than what is typically offered in the industry. This could be an attractive option for eyecare practices looking to maximize their rebate earnings and reduce the cost of purchasing contact lenses, according to Sellers.

Also falling under the Core membership umbrella is the Premier Partner program, designed for members of ADO that provides benefits and discounts in partnership with various vendors in the frame, supplies and financial industries. The program offers savings and growth opportunities for its members through exclusive discounts and rebate programs from participating vendors.

Ophthalmic lens rebates finds ADO Practice Solutions partnering with Walman Optical to offer exclusive programs with three ophthalmic lens partners: Essilor, Shamir, and Unity. These programs create a synergy between the lab and the alliance that is not available anywhere else, according to Sellers, providing a unique benefit for eyecare professionals. These programs include special pricing, rebates and other incentives for purchasing lenses from the partnered manufacturers and distributors.

At the ADO Accelerate membership level, members have access to the group’s DONE4YOU marketing service, a full-service advertising agency that can help them grow their business and reach more patients. Members also receive a full subscription to FUEL Staff Development & Education program.

“This level is perfect for professionals who are looking to take their business to the next level and need help with marketing and advertising,” Sellers said. ADO Peak Performance is the group’s premium membership level that is focused on maximum success. This level provides access to the highest quality resources and support, allowing professionals to achieve their full potential and reach new heights in their careers, according to Sellers.

Looking ahead in 2023, ADO is aiming to help its members in the ongoing struggle with staffing issues, as well as helping them reduce costs in an uncertain economy. “With a lot of members still struggling with staffing, we have put a lot of focus on helping them gain additional resources and have created a program to train existing and new staff to help with fast onboarding and employee satisfaction,” said Sellers.

The FUEL Staff Development & Education program is a comprehensive training program designed to help both new and existing staff members develop and improve their skills. With access to over 200 resources and courses, employees can receive training in a variety of areas, including job-specific skills, leadership development, customer service, communication and more.

“Inflation can have a significant impact on individuals and businesses, and it’s important for them to take steps to manage its effects,” he maintained. “For ECPs, this often means looking for ways to reduce costs, such as streamlining operations, negotiating better prices with suppliers, or investing in technology to automate certain processes. It may mean adjusting their spending habits, creating a budget, or saving more money.”

With 35 years of experience, ADO offers a no-contract fee membership structure to add flexibility for ECPs, who can cancel their membership at any time. “ADO Practice Solutions provides a comprehensive solution for professionals looking to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. With three membership levels, ADO caters to the diverse needs of their members and helps them succeed,” Sellers said.