Arges Smart AR Glasses for the Visually Impaired by CELLiCO.


Vuzix Ultralite AR Smart Glasses Platform by Vuzix Corporation.
ARLINGTON, Va.—The Consumer Technology Association, producer of CES 2023, has presented its coveted 2023 Innovation Award to four companies in the eyewear and eyecare field. The four honorees fall into two categories: Wearable Technologies and Virtual and Augmented Reality. Wearable Technologies: Arges Smart AR Glasses for the Visually Impaired by CELLiCO. Arges Smart AR glasses are designed for people who suffer from age-related macular generation (AMD), the leading cause of vision loss. This eye disease blurs the central vision, making it difficult to see faces, read, drive, or even perform basic tasks like cooking.

The glasses use a small 4k camera and a mobile app to capture and process images in real time. The images are then displayed back to the user with augmented reality display in Full-HD. This process moves the central vision to the peripheral field of view, allowing AMD patients to recover their lost vision and regain independence.

Vuzix Ultralite AR Smart Glasses Platform by Vuzix Corporation (Wearable Technology category). Vuzix Ultralite AR Smart Glasses Platform is a go-to-market ready, turnkey offering of the most fashion forward smart glasses available. Weighing in at a mere 38 grams, this solution puts the most stylish, power-efficient and lightweight smart glasses design within reach of the consumer market.

Advanced waveguide optics combined with micro-LED displays create a crisp, transparent image that delivers key information from your smartphone/watch, hands-free right before your eyes. Vuzix is working with world leading consumer electronic technology brands to bring this solution to market.

 VR or MR Headset by VOY Glasses.
 Heru by Heru.
Virtual and Augmented Reality
VR or MR Headset by VOY Glasses. VOY's VR or MR lens insert is the world's first tunable lens for VR or MR devices. This insert allows myopic users to see VR or MR headset images clearly without wearing prescription glasses. The tunable range is from 0D to -6D, which covers the majority of myopic users.

The product contains dioptor marks for precise tuning and is attached with a unique magnetic clip-on mechanism. The tunable lens insert cover is currently compatible with many popular headsets in the market including Meta Oculus Quest and others.

Heru by Heru. Heru’s cloud-based, wearable platform allows physicians to perform nine vision exams using a single lightweight, portable AR/VR headset. The headset eliminates several pieces of legacy diagnostic equipment and exceeds traditional standards of care in usability, cost, size and portability.

Heru has entered a new chapter of innovation with the Dark Adaptation Accessory that performs an exam which may be used to detect subclinical age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a leading cause of blindness globally. It is the newest component of the expanded, multimodal platform that increases patient access to care, facilitating early detection and possible management of the sight-threatening disease.

All four honorees will exhibit their products at CES 2023, which will be held in Las Vegas, Jan. 5-8, 2023.