SAN RAMON, Calif.—CooperVision, a global leader in myopia management and control, has announced its sponsorship of Ocumetra’s mEYE Guide, a parent conversation tool for eyecare professionals, and mEYE Gauge, an axial length estimator. This partnership will broaden access to the tools with additional languages, extending their capabilities to non-English speaking markets worldwide. “CooperVision is dedicated to broadening access to tools and resources that empower eyecare professionals to combat childhood myopia and help ensure the disease is treated with urgency,” said Elizabeth Lumb, BSc (Hons) MCOptom, FBCLA, director of global professional affairs, myopia management, CooperVision.

“Our partnership with Ocumetra complements our investment in evidence-based myopia control interventions, including MiSight 1 day—the first and only soft contact lens approved by the U.S., FDA and China NMPA to slow the progression of myopia in age-appropriate children.”

Through intuitive, visual information such as refraction centile charts and a vision simulator packaged into personalized reports, mEYE Guide is designed to simplify the conversation between ECPs and parents of children with myopia. With a deeper understanding of myopia, families may be more likely to choose treatment and commit long-term.

An additional Ocumetra tool, mEYE Gauge, is also available to ECPs. While ocular biometry remains the gold standard for tracking myopia progression, axial length estimator mEYE Gauge empowers ECPs to begin integrating axial length into their myopia management routine without the upfront expense of an optical biometer.

“We are excited about CooperVision’s sponsorship which will help bring mEYE Guide and mEYE Gauge to a broader global audience,” said professor Ian Flitcroft, D.Phil, FRCOphth, Ocumetra co-founder and chief innovation officer. “At Ocumetra, we create tools that help to accelerate the adoption of evidence-based treatments to benefit children with myopia everywhere.”

Through CooperVision’s sponsorship, mEYE Guide and mEYE Gauge will expand to support additional languages including: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Czech, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Ocumetra has plans underway for other languages as well.

Ocumetra’s mEYE Guide and mEYE Gauge are available on a subscription basis. A free trial (and its terms and conditions) is available here.