NEW YORK—Online retailer has introduced its first-ever exclusive brand collaboration, the FILA x Revel Tune smart audio glasses which integrate FILA’s performance style with advanced Revel Tune technology. The glasses are engineered to deliver a combination of comfort and sound, with smart Bluetooth audio and high-quality open ear sound. The collaboration launches with two new frame styles available as glasses or sunglasses, with a variety of lens coatings and upgrades including blue light, polarized, colored lenses, photochromic and more.

The frames pair with any device for music and calls, and have up to eight hours of talk time or music listening on a full charge.

Michal Yohanan, creative director,, said, “I had a very clear objective in mind when conceptualizing the Fila x Revel Tune packaging concept. My primary focus was to craft a design that exuded elegance and sophistication while staying true to the established Fila brand principles.

"The aim was to fashion a package that would captivate and inspire, elevating the act of unboxing into a delightful and one-of-a-kind experience. A design that would perfectly complement the exceptional product it encases, resulting in a truly remarkable offering,” Yohanan said.

Mor Margalit, buyer at, said, “Smart audio glasses, like FILA x Revel Tune offer a seamless integration of technology and simplicity, enabling us to streamline our routines and cut down on digital clutter. With these innovative glasses, it's a lot easier to effortlessly merge our audio experience with our daily activities, eliminating the need for multiple devices and minimizing distractions.

"By combining style, functionality, and smart features, Fila x Revel Tune provides a convenient solution that allows us to declutter our lives and embrace a more streamlined existence,” Margalit said.

The collaboration is exclusively available at