MADRID—GVO has announced a strategic partnership with WestGroupe for the exclusive distribution of Nano Vista and BFlex across the United States and Canada, starting August 1, 2024. This partnership leverages WestGroupe's distribution capabilities and GVO’s expertise in developing childrens’ eyewear solutions, the announcement stated. Nano Vista is best known for its proprietary Siliflex material. In addition to Nano Indestructible, WestGroupe will carry multiple brand extensions including Nano Clip, Nano Glow, Nano Baby, Nano Sport and Nano Sun, the announcement stated.

To meet the increasing demand for indestructible adult frames, WestGroupe will also distribute BFlex, the new adult offering from GVO.

“We are thrilled to partner with GVO to further expand the Nano Vista brand in the North American market," said Beverly Suliteanu, vice president of product development for WestGroupe. "This collaboration perfectly aligns with our commitment to providing innovative eyewear solutions that cater to the unique needs of our customers. Nano Vista is the leading children’s brand worldwide with strong brand recognition with North American moms and their children, and we look forward to offering their diverse range of products designed to withstand the active lifestyle of children.”

“Our goal is to provide the best pediatric eyewear in the world, and partnering with a service-oriented company like WestGroupe presents one of the greatest opportunities for our brands to excel,” said Alberto Paulet, founder and CEO of GVO.

WestGroupe will begin distribution of Nano Vista on August 1. Current Nano Vista customers can reach out to WestGroupe with enquiries anytime before and after August 1, Suliteanu told VMAIL.

"Our priority is to make the change in distribution as seamless as possible for all customers,” she said.