Andrew Karp (l) and Raanan Naftalovich.

NEW YORK—In the latest episode of VM Conversations, VMAIL's video interview series with eyewear and eyecare newsmakers, Raanan Naftalovich, CEO and president of Shamir North America, explains how the company uses proprietary artificial intelligence technology to design advanced ophthalmic lenses. In an exclusive dialogue with VM’s Andrew Karp, Naftalovich describes the design process behind Autograph Intelligence, a breakthrough progressive lens introduced by Shamir in 2018 that adjusts to the wearer’s “visual age.” With Shamir’s recent introduction of the second generation of Autograph Intelligence, as well as a new version of its Spark dispensing system, and with the other AI-powered products in the pipeline, VM took the opportunity to ask Naftalovich how Shamir’s unique approach to AI is benefitting eyecare professionals and eyeglass wearers.

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