NEW YORK—The optical industry is experiencing rapid technological change, with advancements being announced every day. Staying on top of the latest innovations and trends, however, has never been easier. Over the past few years, podcasts have been one of the top ways to access current industry news and hear from optical experts. The Power Hour, now in its 12th season, is one of the leading sources for interviews and information about the optical industry. The show recently featured Marc Ferrara, executive consultant for Jobson Optical Group.

Ferrara shared his insights about what's next for the optical industry and the continued role technology will play in how eyecare practices compete. The episode also explored Ferrara's influence in setting industry standards and analyzing the latest trends.

In the April 17 episode titled, The Optical Oracle, Marc Ferrara’s Predictions for Modern Eyecare, Ferrara discussed how optical industry professionals can best serve their patients. He also spoke about how technology is revolutionizing the industry, and how eyecare providers are going to have to embrace these changes in order to advance and grow their practices.

 In the April 17 episode titled, The Optical Oracle, Marc Ferrara’s Predictions for Modern Eyecare, Ferrara discussed how optical industry professionals can best serve their patients.
Earlier this month, VMAIL reported on the relaunch of The Power Hour, with National Strategic Group managing partner Euguene Shatsman as the new host. The show is backed by The Power Practice, the consulting and coaching group dedicated to supporting independent optometry for more than 20 years, and is offered in both podcast and YouTube formats.

“My goal as the host of the Power Hour is to help listeners uncover and utilize untapped potential in their practices,” Shatsman told VMAIL. “Interviewing Marc helps us see the future through the lens of experience, helping to identify trends and issues that are truly relevant in the industry today.”

The episode goes on to examine how optometrists and retail are in a position to work together in order to serve patients better. Shatsman noted that the optical industry is adapting to changing headwinds, and the definition of competition and what it means to work together is no longer simply about big box stores.

“As we discussed, 'back then' it was big box retail, today it might be AI, but new trends always come along and tend to disrupt the way things have always been done. Private practice needs to be able to pragmatically adapt and use the changes as an opportunity, rather than see things as a threat,” Shatsman said.

This is where eyecare providers are going to have to get creative in their approach to marketing and strategy, according to Shatsman. He added that to remain ahead of trends, it is important to stay flexible and be aware of opportunities for growth through these changes.

“I am seen by many as a marketing expert, but I truly believe that my work is in helping practices grow by seeing breakthrough opportunities,” he said. “Whether it's an untapped marketing channel or a strategic initiative in their optical, I believe there is so much opportunity if you can just stay curious and learn. Conversations like the ones with Marc allow me to bring to the forefront the amazing opportunities to see a bigger picture and learn.”

With a new season underway, Shatsman promises that the Power Hour will continue to explore a diverse range of topics affecting the optical industry featuring leading experts. On tap for future shows are Dr. Alan Barnard, expert on constraint theory and achieving the impossible. Also slated to join the show is Dennis Snow, author of "Lessons From the Mouse," who will be providing insights on how to apply business strategies from Disney World to improving practice growth and profitability.

“We'll feature subject matter experts from National Strategic Group to share data and marketing insights, consultants from the Power Practice to showcase growth and time tips,” Shatsman said. “And we will feature panels of experts around specialties like dry eye, headaches and myopia.

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