The concept of specialization is also taking hold in large networks. After much work and study, MyEyeDr. has begun an aggressive initiative to set up Dry Eye Centers in many of their locations across the nation. The first 15 offices went online in Summer 2023, with the goal to have up to 60 additional locations by the end of year and to the larger organization to include most (if not all) 850 locations in 2024.

Artis Beatty, OD

The program starts with a proprietary screening process when a patient comes into the office. In lieu of waiting for a patient to mention dry eye (one of the most frequent complaints across their practices), the team proactive probes to see if they’ve noticed symptoms. Combined with their own findings, doctors then prescribe a consistent treatment regimen that includes specially curated products, simplified treatment options and educational materials—all of which gives doctors an easier way to identify and direct patients through their journey.

“It’s still early in the process, however the feedback has been very positive,” said Dr. Artis Beatty, OD, chief medical officer of MyEyeDr., one of the country’s largest eyecare groups. “From the doctor side, treating dry eye is not new, but being able to offer different options, readily available products, and having their skillset marketed has been great. Patients have been thrilled to learn more about their symptoms, and to be offered new treatment options.”