MASSAPEQUA PARK, N.Y.—The Ocular Wellness and Nutrition Society (OWNS), a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing eye health through nutrition and wellness, announced the next phase expansion of its advisory committee leadership. This includes the addition of four esteemed Ph.D. holders, Allen Taylor, Ph.D.; Maria Markoulli, Ph.D., MOptom, GradCertOcTher, FBCLA, FAAO; Pankaj Kapahi, Ph.D.; and Elizabeth J. Johnson, Ph.D., FACN, FICS. This coincides with the second term of its executive board, marking a significant step to continue the society’s commitment to fostering robust scientific research alongside providing evidence-based recommendations for ocular wellness.

Neda Gioia, OD, CNS, FOWNS, president of OWNS, stated, “Their exceptional skills and commitment to scientific rigor will significantly strengthen our progress into 2024.”

The Ocular Wellness and Nutrition Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the role of nutrition in eye health. Through education, and advocacy, OWNS seeks to empower individuals and health care professionals with knowledge and resources for optimal ocular wellness.