SEGUSINO, Italy and DALLAS—Ottica Veneta and Fao Flex S.r.l are partnering to distribute Dandy’s Eyewear in the United States, according to an announcement from Ottica Veneta. Dandy’s is the newest partner of Ottica Veneta, producer of Sospiri luxury eyewear and U.S. distributor of Lamarca and De Lotto eyewear. Dandy’s, which was founded in the Veneto region of Italy, creates an urban, classic appeal with bold shapes, vibrant colors and limited edition frames. Ottica Veneta founder Riccardo Lamon said, “I’m from the Veneto region, and welcoming in a brand that aligns with our vision of quality and style so clearly has been natural.

"This match makes sense, it feels like Dandy’s is coming home, and we can’t wait to share these frames with our American optical family.”