Andrew Karp (l) and Andy Huthoefer.

NEW YORK—Optical laboratory owners and managers who attended Satisloh’s 10TH SLUGFest, a meeting of the Satisloh Users Group held this spring at the company’s headquarters in Wetzlar, Germany, got a close-up look at 29 of the company’s latest innovations in ophthalmic lens processing, including a preview of soon-to-be-released equipment and some advanced technology that is still in development. Andy Huthoefer, the vice president of product management and marketing at Satisloh who helped produce SLUGFest, shared his insights and observations about the company’s new systems and products with Andrew Karp, lens and tech editor for Vision Monday and 20/20 Magazine.

Their exclusive video interview is the latest in a series of VM Conversations, in which Vision Monday editors talk with optical industry leaders about fresh ideas and new developments that are impacting eyewear and eyecare. In their wide-ranging conversation, Huthoefer described the most significant new technologies that were spotlighted at SLUGFest, including innovations in surfacing, finishing and coating, and explained how optical labs will benefit from them.

You can watch the interview here.