Rob Retzlaff.

PORTLAND—Smith has announced the promotion of Rob Retzlaff to the role of global vice president of sales. Retzlaff joined Smith in 1999 as Canadian marketing manager to work on increasing brand reach and awareness across North America. Over the past two decades at Smith, Retzlaff has held numerous positions at the company including national sales manager for Canada and, most recently and for the past 14 years, general manager for Canada. In that time, Retzlaff worked alongside Smith’s CFO to roll out an industry-leading, cross-border direct shipping platform and expanded the integration into Smith headquarters.

Reporting directly to Mark Phares, global general manager at Smith, Retzlaff now manages the global commercial team across North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia Pacific regions. Phares said, “This is a huge opportunity for the company, and we are excited to welcome Rob to his new role as commercial leader. Rob brings a long history and amazing results during his time with the brand, leading a stellar team and growing the business in Canada 20 times its size under his tenure, which is a massive milestone. He’s another great example of the amazing people Smith has in the organization.”