NEW YORK—Tura has announced the renewal of its exclusive license with Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B and Gx eyewear collections. This renewal is for several more years. Stefani will continue as the primary designer for both collections, ensuring that the eyewear will continue to showcase her unique and fashion-forward approach to design. The collections will be available in North America through over 10,000 points of distribution including ECPs, optical retailers and fashion retailers, according to an announcement from Tura.

Scott Sennett, CEO of Tura, said, “Since the launch of the L.A.M.B and Gx by Gwen Stefani eyewear collections in 2016, Gwen's passion for the product and fearless approach to its design have established her as a living icon in the eyewear industry. Over my nearly 30-year career in this industry, I have never seen a collaboration with an artist or celebrity generate such authentic design energy. These collections have broken new ground, and we are very grateful to Gwen for her vision and partnership with Tura.”

Gwen Stefani said, “I’m thrilled to continue working with Tura on my L.A.M.B and Gx eyewear collections. Tura has a unique ability to capture my personal style when we’re collaborating on the eyewear. Their attention to detail and commitment to creating the highest quality product has been an important part of L.A.M.B and Gx’s success. I’m excited to continue creating beautiful glasses that make a statement and let people express their individuality through fashion and eyewear.”