Patent diagram illustrating the design of the Broadview Natural Addition Lens (NAL). 
LARGO, Fla.—Michael Walach, president of Quest Vision Care Specialty Lab based here, and the CEO of QLDS, a cloud-based digital lens design global provider, has been granted a U.S. patent for a new multifocal spectacle lens design. The patent, U.S. 11,126,012, was issued on Sept. 21, 2021. It covers Walach’s design for his Broadview Natural Addition Lens (NAL), which is described as “a freeform multifocal that gives a single vision-like viewing experience with the performance of a multifocal lens and does not require the fitting height value.”

“The time has come that after more than half a century and hundreds of design patents and freeform technology advancements based on the PAL utility patent of Bernard Maitenaz, a fresh multifocal lens concept is here,” said Walach, who holds several other U.S. and international utility patents in the field of ophthalmic lenses and lens technology.

The NAL design is being commercialized in the Omnilux lens. “The Omnilux lens was developed utilizing the NAL eye-lens ergonomic model,” explained Walach. “It is a significant improvement over a PAL (progressive addition lens) mainly in that the adaptation period is not required, and no fitting height measurement is needed when dispensing or ordering. In the lab it is edged and inspected just like a single vision lens, which improves production efficiency, reduces costly redos, and increases patient viewing comfort.”

Michael Walach.  
QLDS is the exclusive provider of the NAL technology, licensing digital freeform labs worldwide. QLDS software uses the VCA Lens Design Communication protocol for communicating with Laboratory Management Systems (LMS).