SAN CARLOS, Calif.—XP Health, a company dedicated to democratizing vision care with a digital-first vision benefits platform, announced a new partnership with Bell Bank and the addition of new chief marketing officer Cynthia Spitalny to grow its leadership roster. The company also recently launched a new $0 copay benefit. XP Health currently covers more than 250,000 people expanding from 30 to more than 2,600 customers. XP Health’s vision benefits provide reduced to no-cost frames with a market leading selection, according to the company.

XP Health has signed a contract with Bell Bank, based in Fargo, N.D., one of the nation’s largest family- and employee-owned banks with more than $14 billion in assets, to provide vision benefits for more than 2,000 employees.

“Bell Bank is pleased to announce that XP Health has been selected as our new vision provider; XP Health’s approach to vision coverage is different than traditional insurance plans—in a good way,” said Amy Perrin, vice president/human resources director of operations, Bell Bank. “The employee experience is at the center of it all, highlighted by special online features including the ability to try on glasses virtually, and access to a wide range of discounted products to choose from. Going shopping for glasses just got fun.”

 Cynthia Spitalny.
"We’re proud to add these new partnerships, which demonstrate continued growing interest in vision benefits and vision care among employers and payers," said Antonio Moraes, CEO, and co-founder of XP Health. “Among the great things happening at XP Health is the expansion of our leadership roster with seasoned industry veterans from leading insurance and health tech organizations. We are excited that Cynthia Spitalny is joining us as chief marketing officer, bringing strategic marketing experience to XP Health during a crucial time in our growth.”

A full-stack marketing and strategy health and tech executive with more than 20 years of experience in both global and national markets, Spitalny has a specialty in health care and wellness for B2B, B2C/DTC, B2B2C. A former STEM PhD, she is an award-winning marketer with one IPO and two strategic exits during her career. She is also a former wellness guest writer for various national and local publications. Spitalny earned a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology from the University of Connecticut and attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine’s PhD program in immunology.

Adding to XP Health’s growing momentum, in fall of 2023 the organization launched a new coverage model. In the new model, eye exams have a $0 copay and all glasses come with doctor recommended lenses, which include advanced blue-light protection, advanced anti-glare protection, UV protection and scratch-resistant coating, for $0.