NEW YORK—The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers a range of resources and updates about the complex arena of sustainable packaging, what types of materials and what types of statements can be made about these to consumers. The EPA points out, "Understanding the production and disposal of these materials is crucial in making economic and environmentally conscious decisions. Encouraging the shift in packaging construction toward more lightweight or efficient materials helps companies save money while decreasing the amount of waste generated when the packaging is discarded.

“Also important is the recovery of the packaging discards; not only is there high commodity value in these items, but recycling keeps these goods out of landfills."

The EPA site offers a range of helpful information tools, definitions and webinars to enable visitors to understand the current rules and scope of what constitutes sustainable efforts to reduce waste, retain efficiency and safety, and support business goals.

The agency also offers a Newsroom for visitors to keep tabs on recent development and decisions that can impact how companies, businesses and consumers manage their sustainability efforts. And, the agency's efforts and work can be followed on social media as well; a link to those accounts are found here.