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Dr. Fred Ma

ROCHESTER, N.Y.—Cognivue, Inc. has named Fred Ma, MD, PhD, as its chief medical officer and senior vice president, effective immediately. His nearly four-decade career spans global medical device and pharmaceutical development and commercialization, as well as advancing neurological disorder treatments, therapies and prevention as a neurosurgeon. Dr. Ma will help expand Cognivue’s FDA-cleared computerized test of cognitive function within optometry, the company said. Tom O’Neill, president and CEO of Cognivue said, “Dr. Ma’s leadership has earned the highest respect among his clinical, industry and research peers worldwide.

"He has the rare ability to translate extensive medical and scientific knowledge into accessible insights and market-leading products. We believe he will help take us to the next level in optometry with even better products and deeper relationships to come. His contributions in supporting existing customers and extending clinical validation through studies, manuscripts and more will be invaluable,” O’Neill said.

Cognivue’s technologies objectively, quantitatively, and reliably identify changes in cognitive function that could indicate an impairment, which can then be treated or managed. Its proprietary algorithms are integrated into a portfolio of products that generate rapid self-administered, FDA-cleared computerized assessments designed for simple implementation into busy practices.

Dr. Ma was most recently president and chief operating officer of Innovative Health Sciences, the immunology drug and subcutaneous drug infusion device company. He has served as chief medical officer for KORU Medical Systems, Innovacyn, and GE Healthcare, as well as leadership roles within Johnson & Johnson, Merck and elsewhere. Dr. Ma managed more than 100 new product developments with over 600 successful clinical trials and regulatory filings in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Earlier this year, Cognivue introduced its two newest products, Cognivue Clarity and Cognivue Thrive, which provide early testing for proactive intervention via portable, battery-powered formats for use in practice and non-clinical settings. Its platforms are used across the health care spectrum, including in audiology, optometry, neurology, retail pharmacy, employee wellness, law enforcement and general practice.