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NEW YORK—With schools and educational facilities across the country now closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic many educators, public health and non-profit groups are looking for quality, no-cost educational materials to support remote learning for children. Prevent Blindness is offering the Star Pupils Children’s Eye Health and Safety curricula to assist educators. The curriculum provides interactive materials that help students learn the importance of sight, components of the eye and how we see, and how to identify objects and situations that can be dangerous to eyes.

Curricula are available for Grades K-2 , Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-8. The curricula support learning in the areas of science and health. Each curriculum includes teacher presentation guides, PowerPoint presentations, grade-specific worksheets, and an activity book for younger children.

The curriculum is free and registration takes no more than 30-60 seconds. The download link will be available immediately upon completing registration.

For parents and caregivers, Prevent Blindness also offers the Star Pupils Activity Book to help children learn about their eyes and healthy vision. The activity book may also be downloaded for free here

For more information about the free Star Pupils Children’s Eye Health and Safety curricula, or to request a free download, click here