FRONHAUSEN, Germany—Schneider, a leading supplier of production machinery for prescription laboratories, is introducing Modulo One, a new platform for spectacle lens manufacturing. Starting in July, the company, based here, began rolling out the first of 11 innovations that, together with the its existing Modulo machines, will form Modulo One. The rollout, which will continue for 11 months, is the most extensive series of products in the company’s 35-year history. Schneider described Modulo One, which features all the elements needed to produce a lens, as “digital, powerful, cost-efficient, sustainable and high quality."

Working together as one, the “intelligent system” facilitates smart decision making by providing all relevant information in real-time, according to Schneider.
“This next step in the Modulo story will change perceptions once again,” stated Gunter Schneider, founder and president of Schneider, who called Modulo One “the ultimate, all-in automation.” Speaking to lab owners, Schneider said, “We want to create a system that works for you, offering peace of mind that you will hit your throughput goals at lowest cost per lens. The Power-Lab for the next decade is coming.”
Schneider launched the highly integrated Modulo system in 2012, combining machines, measurement systems, accessories and conveyors in one single and interlinked unit. It has since become an integral part of modern lens manufacturing in the past 10 years, producing hundreds of thousands of lenses everyday worldwide.
The company is planning to present the entire Modulo One platform at DigiCon, a special event for customers to be held at its headquarters here from May 18 to 22, 2022. Details about Modulo One are available on Schneider’s new microsite, (See related story in today’s LaunchPad section.)