Product: Ultra IR Ink Remover
Top Line: Ultra Optics, a leading producer of lens coating solutions, is introducing Ultra IR, a lens marking ink remover specifically formulated to provide the best ink removing performance in a cleaner and safer way.
Close Up: Ultra IR was developed utilizing fewer hazardous chemicals than similar products.  This effort results in a product that is safer for employees as well as the environment, while not sacrificing performance. In addition, care was taken to improve the smell of the product which again makes it more employee-friendly to use.
While Ultra IR removes marking ink as well as anything on the market, it has also been formulated to remove organic and inorganic material, making it a better over-all product at removing ink and cleaning the lens.
Vital Stats: Ultra IR joins Ultra Optics’ other finish lab products including ClearView lens cleaner and ConsisTint dye additive for cost-effective ways to improve a lab’s performance and profitability.