A new study by My Vision.org is shedding light on Americans’ tendency to avoid the doctor. Although the majority do their best to stay atop their annual physicals, the nationwide survey of more than 1,050 people found many are avoiding specialists like the eye doctor.

Among the key findings:

• While 20 percent have gone to the eye doctor this year, 38 percent haven’t been to the eye doctor since 2020 or earlier.

• 15 percent don’t remember the last time they went to the eye doctor

• 93 percent don’t mind going to the eye doctor

• Out of six medical fields, eye doctors ranked the 4th most difficult to get an appointment.

The top reason for procrastinating? Money. Just under half (42 percent) of respondents say they’ve skipped a doctor’s appointment for fear of costs. Others point to scheduling difficulties when avoiding appointments. In fact, 48 percent have struggled making appointments due to a busy doctor and two-thirds say they’d go to the doctor more if they had better weekend availability.

Read the full report here.