Today’s consumers overwhelmingly value and trust brands that offer a good product experience. They are both willing to pay more, and are likely to buy more often, from brands that deliver it.

Brands that sell on online retail sites create great product experiences that consumers trust by heavying up on content.

These points are among the key findings from a new research report by Boston-based digital marketing firm Salsify titled “Why Product Experiences are What Win Consumer Trust in the Digital Age.”

Salsify’s analysis, which was completed in early 2018, demonstrates that if you take two listings that appear side-by-side in an Amazon search engine results page (SERP), the one with more images will convert at a higher rate and outrank the competitor 53 percent of the time. In the same way, a listing with more bullets will convert higher and outrank the side-by-side competitor 51 percent of the time. And finally, a listing with more reviews will convert higher and outrank the competitor 58 percent of the time.

Salsify points out that when brands deliver this experience on the product page, and back it up with an actual product to match, consumers keep coming back, write reviews, and create a virtuous cycle for the brand itself. A survey of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers who shopped online at least once in 2017, drives home the idea that eCommerce hasn’t killed consumer loyalty or trust in brands, it’s just shifted that trust from brand familiarity or visibility, onto more experiential terms. Brands have a golden opportunity to drive higher margins and more sales by focusing on online product content and delivering an overall terrific product experience.