Fuel3D made its ophthalmic debut when it partnered with Sfered, an eyewear technology developer, to create the 3D Mirror Scanner, the first 3D scanner to be incorporated into a mirror to support the deployment and fitting of custom eyewear. The system was first introduced at Silmo last year in collaboration with monoqool, an eyewear designer which pioneered 3D laser printed polyamide frames that are customized to wearers.

Fuel3D later collaborated with FittingBox, a company that develops virtual try-on solutions for eyewear, with a product called the OWIZ Mirror. Fuel3D developed a 3D scanning enhancement for the OWIZ system which allows optometrists and opticians to offer customers a unique in-store experience, in which they can rapidly change between frame styles and view themselves in new frames in real time. By tracking their head movements, the program provides customers with an augmented reality experience that shows how they will look in different frames via on-screen video.

With Fuel3D’s highly accurate facial scanning technology, opticians are able to collect all metrics required to fit and produce custom fit eyewear in a single scan. The high-speed 3D capture collects facial data including pupillary distance; nose bridge width; facial width; and distance to the ear in just 0.1 seconds.

Fuel3D’s partnerships with eyewear technology companies will offer opticians access to a wide range of frame data, allowing them to virtually fit customers to many more frames than would typically be available in-store.

“Eyewear is one of those retail experiences that is going to benefit from customization,” said Fuel3D CEO, Stuart Mead. “This is where opticians can participate in the next industrial, revolution rather than seeing it as a threat.”

Fuel3D plans to preview a new platform, the 2SEVENTY Scanner, at International Vision Expo East next month. The company also held private demonstrations of a new 360 degree scanner at CES in January; commercial availability is expected for June, 2017.