RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.—VSP Vision announced the launch of new responsibly-sourced shipping packages for online retailer Eyeconic and Visionworks retail locations. The California-supplied packaging is made from 100 percent FSC-certified recycled corrugated materials, non-toxic ink, and zero plastic. The new packages are also curbside recyclable which helps further minimize environmental impact, the company said. "As a purpose-driven company, we embrace the opportunity to create meaningful solutions to protect the environment and the communities we serve,” said Wendy Hauteman, VSP Vision chief marketing officer.

"Launching more environmentally friendly shipping boxes is a great way for us to get beautifully designed packages to customers without having to sacrifice our commitment to more sustainable business practices,” Hauteman said.

The move to sustainable packaging was conceived by the VSP Global Innovation Center (GIC), an arm of VSP Vision that works to reimagine the way eyecare and eyewear are delivered to the world. In December 2021, the GIC explored several novel design concepts for eyewear cases made from plastic alternatives, including bamboo, coffee grounds, and mushrooms (mycelium). Those concepts inspired Eyeconic to rethink its existing e-commerce packaging, which resulted in more sustainable shipping boxes designed by the internal creative team at VSP and Berkley International, a California-based packaging supplier and manufacturer.

 New Visionworks packaging (l) and Eyeconic's sustainable packaging.
“The GIC researches emerging technologies, pilots and tests new products and services, and stays connected to the innovation ecosystem to ensure VSP Vision remains a leader in health-focused vision care,” said Ruth Yomtoubian, senior director of the VSP Global Innovation Center. “Our role within VSP is to enable new thinking through the introduction of emerging solutions and fresh concepts; it's great to see our work in this space serve as a catalyst to the development of more sustainable shipping packages.”

Eyeconic ships tens of thousands of eyewear orders each year and transitioning to the new packages will reduce the online retailer’s materials usage by 65 percent, VSP said. Visionworks is the sixth largest optical chain in the U.S. with more than 750 retail locations. The deployment of the new boxes across both VSP Vision companies will save the equivalent of 748 mature trees each year, resulting in the annual removal of 35,904 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air, VSP added.

More about VSP Vision’s commitment to sustainability is posted here.