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PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, Canada—Inspiration can be found almost anywhere. From the places we visit and the people we encounter along the way, it’s all about perspective. For Canadian eyewear company, Fellow Earthlings, inspiration is found right in their backyard. The company creates uniquely-colored acetates from their factory on P.E.I that instantly grab one’s attention. From bright, bold hues to soft pastel colorations, Fellow Earthlings crafts truly one-of-a-kind pieces. “We are very inspired by our surroundings here, our workshop is located in a golden hayfield overlooking the ocean on quite literally a story book island (of Anne of Green Gables fame),” Sydney Seggie, co-founder of Fellow Earthlings said. “We even did a whole series of RE:FE frames that were different skies, sunsets and sunrises. Also getting to work with lots of different very talented designers in our private label production work is constantly inspiring.”

While the styles created by Fellow Earthlings take inspiration from the natural scenery of Prince Edward Island, Seggie has found a way to combine her work in the optical industry with a commitment to sustainability. The company keeps its scrap acetate from the production process and has created a recycled Fellow Earthlings collection, RE:FE.


Seggie said, “We sort process, and recycle our scraps into new material which gives us a lot of ability for creativity with color. Each slab is like a piece of art in itself and the frames are spectacular. An embodiment of our commitment as a company to creativity and sustainability. We are always very focused on what we can do to be better as a manufacturer and as fellow earthlings.”

In addition to its RE:FE collection, the company has taken upcycling to the next level and was inspired to make earrings from the eye cuts of its RE: FE frames. “The materials are so beautiful and the canvas is the perfect size for an earring so we took the opportunity to upcycle from our recycled frames and push the cycle even further. Like the frames, each pair is also completely one of a kind," Seggie added.

For Fellow Earthlings, inspiration and creativity go hand in hand as this Canadian-based brand continues to innovate and create new ways of utilizing what they’ve already been given to craft something beautiful and new in the world of eyewear and accessories.