BOSTON—2020 On-site, the Boston-based mobile optometry company, has identified age-related macular degeneration (AMD) as a public health risk in several New England counties after data revealed that patients in some counties must travel over 100 miles to visit a retinal specialist. The study identified 36 New England counties as high risk for AMD/GA based on age and race population demographics. In those high-risk areas, 24 counties do not have access to a retinal specialist who can treat or manage the diseases. Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont are at the highest risk, according to the study.

2020 On-site researchers identified target locations where the company can continue its mission of delivering high-quality eyecare to patients who need it most and provide opportunities for those at risk to participate in potentially vision-saving clinical studies. With this research, 2020 On-site also discovered an opportunity to provide eyecare access to at-risk populations using its mobile vision clinics.
Debi Sarma, OD, 2020 On-site’s director of clinical science said, “We know AMD is a significant cause of vision loss in developed countries. There are people who live in high-risk communities and need care right in our backyard. We have the ability to go directly to these communities to bring specialty equipment and trained personnel who know how to take images of the macula which is used to detect AMD. This improves the experience for the patient who doesn’t have to take time out of their day to travel over 100 miles for an appointment and for retinal specialists who can devote more time to urgent cases while still treating a large patient community.”
Additionally, 2020 On-site’s telemedicine capabilities, in collaboration with a retinal specialist, offer timely management of AMD/GA and can prevent significant vision loss in these communities. Dr. Sarma said, “As a leader in mobile eyecare, we can help not only retinal specialists but other specialists who can prevent or treat other rare diseases that impact the vision of their patients. Our goal is to make it easy for patients to get the care they may normally not have access to.”
If you are part of a high-risk community and want to bring an AMD or other vision screening to your area, please contact 2020 On-site’s Life Sciences team at Retinal specialists can also reach out to that email to partner with 2020 On-site to expand access to patients.