ORLANDO—Ascend Vision Partners (AVP) has announced the acquisition of Cohn Eye Center and R&E Optical, adding two more premier vision groups to its partnership portfolio. “We are privileged to have partnered with such an outstanding group,” said Chad Tomlinson, chief development officer at Ascend Vision Partners. “Founded by Dr. Richard Cohn, Cohn Eye Center and R&E Optical set the standard for eyecare in Central Florida. I know that together we will continue to build a best-in-class vision platform.” Ascend Vision Partners currently has 11 practices with 19 total locations across the Southeast.

Under the partnership, AVP performs the business functions for the practice, including legal and regulatory compliance, insurance negotiations, human resources, IT, finance, marketing, legal guidance and more. Alleviating the practice of sometimes burdensome business operations will allow the clinicians to provide more patient-focused care, according to the company.

“I am enthusiastic about joining AVP, and partnering with other dedicated doctors who are already part of the platform. I am very optimistic about the positive direction that my practice will head in the future, including helping more patients as we bring additional practitioners onto this team,” Dr. Cohn said.

Cohn Eye Center joins Magruder Eye Institute, Robson Eye Institute, Lakeside Surgery Center and EyeCare Optical, representing the gold standard of eyecare throughout Central Florida. “The quality of patient eyecare is the core value we focus on as we grow Ascend Vision Partners throughout the Southeast,” Tomlinson said. “Every step we take and every decision we make will be solely driven to best serve our patients.”

Established in 2022, Ascend Vision Partners delivers custom business solutions for eyecare professionals, allowing ophthalmologists and optometrists to focus on patient care. Chicago Pacific Foundation, a strategic health care investment fund of Chicago, Ill., is the equity partner of Ascend Vision Partners.