SAN RAMON, Calif.—CooperVision has accelerated North American delivery times by more than 50 percent of all Biofinity toric multifocal contact lenses for U.S. and Canadian customers after transitioning the manufacturing to its New York production facility in late 2022. All trial lenses and six-packs of the made-to-order lenses now originate from CooperVision’s technologically advanced facility in Scottsville, N.Y., reaching customers in seven days, on average. To ensure that ECPs can provide a lens to meet the unique needs of every patient, Biofinity toric multifocal lenses are available in more than 200,000 unique prescription options, according to the company.

“CooperVision’s made-to-order advantage enables us to offer highly customized contact lenses in very little time,” said Doug Brayer, director of marketing, frequent replacement brands, CooperVision. “By moving Biofinity toric multifocal production from the U.K. to the U.S. for our North American customers, we make and deliver these sophisticated lenses to our customers and their patients even faster—with most orders shipping in just a few days.”

“The faster, consistent Biofinity toric multifocal delivery times have made a huge difference for our practice. We are able to schedule patients for follow-up appointments in a more timely fashion, and if we need to adjust the prescription, the patient isn't waiting weeks for new trials,” said Aaron Stewart, OD, who practices at PersonalEYES Vision Care in Grand Rapids, Mich. “As a result, we are prescribing the product much more frequently, and seeing great success with it.”

Biofinity toric multifocal orders for other markets continue to be manufactured at CooperVision’s U.K. facility.