ST. LOUIS—EyeCare Partners (ECP), a leading provider of clinically integrated eyecare, yesterday announced the launch of the EyeCare Partners Innovation Center with a mandate to improve the delivery and quality of eyecare and advance clinical eye health education. ECP described the Innovation Center as “an information and technology center of excellence” that will “unite the expertise of over 1,000 eyecare providers with data from E360+, EyeCare Partners’ proprietary data platform, to advance eyecare quality, research and education.

Under the leadership of ECP’s chief clinical officer, Antonio Capone, Jr., MD, the Innovation Center will collaborate with ECP’s medical executive board to improve outcomes, enhance patient care and drive sight-saving advances, the company said. Eyecare Partners maintains separate medical executive boards for optometry and ophthalmology.
“With over 1,000 providers and unparalleled access to data, EyeCare Partners is uniquely positioned to study and identify the trends that will drive real progress in how eyecare is delivered,” said David Clark, CEO of EyeCare Partners. “The Innovation Center is poised to create a new paradigm in eyecare by bringing together the best and the brightest providers across every optometric and ophthalmic specialty to improve outcomes and enhance patient care as well as drive eye health and sight-saving advances.”
With the launch of the Innovation Center, EyeCare Partners is putting in place the structure and capabilities needed to positively impact the eyecare industry, the company said. The three pillars of the Innovation Center—quality, research and education—will be fueled by ECP’s clinical data warehouse providing insights regarding treatments and outcomes across the eyecare continuum, all gathered from E360+, ECP’s proprietary electronic medical record platform.
ECP’s providers will have access to data-driven insights to better understand clinical outcomes and improve patient care. In addition to fostering collaboration across the ECP network, the Innovation Center will also open the door to collaboration with private practices, academic institutions and leading industry partners.
“Our goal is to ignite a culture of innovation across the entire ECP network that will drive the testing of new treatments, technologies and programs that could affect the entire eyecare industry,” said Dr. Capone. “The Innovation Center will allow us to foster innovation internally and externally. It’s a step change and I am excited about what we can accomplish.”