WATERLOO, Ontario—In recognition of Earth Day, the Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE) has published four new infographics that encourage responsible contact lens recycling and disposal. The infographics are available for download and use by the global eyecare community. One of the infographics designs helps ECPs educate wearers about relative impact, putting contact lens-related waste into context with other common products and lifestyle habits. Two others explain the best routes for ideal contact lens disposal, while a fourth reminds wearers not to place their contacts into wastewater systems.

Alison Ng, lead clinical scientist at CORE, said that major contact lens manufacturers have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to sustainable practices by preventing waste as well as encouraging reuse, recycling, recovery and responsible disposal. She notes that helping contact lens users better understand how they can enjoy the multiple benefits of wear while behaving sustainably is also important—a sentiment that led to development of the infographics.

CORE has begun sharing the infographics through its “COREeyenews” digital channels including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.