ALISO VIEJO, Calif.—Glaukos Corporation (NYSE: GKOS), an ophthalmic pharmaceutical and medical technology company focused on novel therapies for the treatment of glaucoma, corneal disorders and retinal diseases, has announced that it has published its 2023 Sustainability Report. The report highlights the company’s continued commitment and progress on its key corporate sustainability initiatives. “I am proud to issue our fifth annual Sustainability Report on our progress to advance key corporate sustainability initiatives that we believe strengthen our organization and contribute to the betterment of communities we serve, while also helping to drive shareholder value over time,” said Thomas Burns, Glaukos chairman and chief executive officer.

“Continuing to grow and enhance our corporate sustainability initiatives is a key priority for us now and in the future as we remain focused on how we can better serve all of our stakeholders, including our employees, customers, patients, investors and communities around the globe.”

Over the course of 2023, Glaukos said that it undertook several actions to support and further improve its corporate sustainability efforts, including:

  • Donated more than $10 million in products to underserved regions around the world.

  • Established a second product distribution site, resulting in reduced shipping costs, the elimination of 6.4 million air miles and reduction in associated greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Implemented new employee benefits and leadership development programs.

  • Increased the number of patients who received assistance through one of Glaukos’ patient assistance programs.

  • Obtained ISO 14001 certification on its Burlington, Mass. site.

  • Increased the number and percentage of women in its workforce.

  • Launched Glaukos World Cafe Coffee n’ Chats, a DEI-related learning session focused on exploring and discussing relevant topics.

  • In conjunction with the FDA approval of iDose TR, Glaukos launched the iDose your Dose philanthropic initiative, pledging that for every iDose TR sold, an equal number of iDose TR units will be made available for qualifying charitable donation requests in the U.S. and around the globe for recipients that satisfy independent eligibility requirements.
For additional information and highlights, see Glaukos’ 2023 Sustainability Report, which can be found on the company’s website here. Glaukos’ environmental, social and governance initiatives are overseen by the company’s board of directors.