STIRLING, Va.—A large U.S. myopia study demonstrated the success of overnight orthokeratology (Ortho-K) using Euclid Emerald and Euclid Emerald Toric lenses from Euclid Vision in the management of pediatric myopia. Treehouse Eyes conducted an independent analysis of their myopic treatments. The Clinical Algorithm for Myopia Progression (CAMP) study 1 analyzed results from 342 myopic children who were treated and followed over a three-year period. The most prescribed modality was overnight Ortho-K, with 188 of the 342 children started in that modality, and Euclid designs were prescribed to 84 percent of the children who were prescribed Ortho-K.

Retrospective data review of Ortho-K use with children showed less axial length elongation, as well as successful long-term patient acceptance. It also demonstrated greater reduction in the amount of myopic refractive error change compared to the other treatment options.

“My firsthand experience as a clinician using Euclid lenses has helped me provide a seamless Ortho-K experience and streamlined care for my patients. It is a game-changer in the space of pediatric myopia care,” said Kevin Chan, OD, MS, FAAO, senior clinical director, Treehouse Eyes. Euclid Vision, formerly Euclid Systems, is a leader in advanced orthokeratology and proactive myopia management.