BOCA RATON, Fla., and RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.—Professional Eye Care Associates of America together with VSP Vision is announcing new programs aimed at addressing two of the great challenges facing independent eyecare professionals: the financial strain of owning and operating a private practice in today’s environment, and hiring and training staff. The VSP Vision Exam Rebate available on July 1, the PECAA Optometric Billing and Coding Certification Program beginning July 11, and the PECAA Optical Management Course coming in August are being offered in direct response to collaborative dialogue with PECAA member doctors since PECAA joined forces with VSP last year, as VMAIL reported.

The VSP Vision Exam Rebate (VER) enables PECAA Max members to receive up to $15,000 more for VSP patient exams for the remainder of 2023. The initiative, which marks the first program that PECAA has launched in conjunction with VSP Vision, will pay a rebate of $5 per VSP commercial patient exam from July 1 to Dec. 31, 2023.
The VER will be paid through the PECAA IncentivEYES rebate program, a unique PECAA benefit that rewards members with loyalty rebates on purchases, not just growth, and is projected to double PECAA members’ quarterly rebate payments. Details of the program, which does not include any spending requirements, may be found here.
 Lance Anderson, OD (l) and Michelle Skinner.
“The PECAA community is a passionate group of independent eyecare professionals that work together to support one another and independent eyecare as a whole,” said Lance Anderson, OD, PECAA co-founder and chief strategy officer. “When the PECAA + VSP Vision partnership was announced several months ago, we pledged to increase value for PECAA members. The PECAA community spoke up and shared its needs, leading to this exciting new program.”
“We are committed to delivering on our promise of helping private practice thrive,” said Michelle Skinner, VSP Vision chief growth officer. “The VSP Vision Exam Rebate is just one example of the many ways we are working with PECAA to invest in the future of independent eyecare and provide continued support, growth and opportunity.”
The PECAA Optometric Billing and Coding Certification Program is a 15-week course that will begin July 11 and run through October. Recognized by the Accreditation by the Higher Education Committee, the course curriculum includes optometry basics, medical terminology, the life cycle of a claim, documentation, vision vs. medical insurance, HCPCS and ICD-10-CM coding, and denials and appeals. Registration is open to PECAA members and non-members. Details and a registration link may be found here.
In August, PECAA will also present its new Optical Management Certification Course, details of which will be announced in the coming weeks. To receive advance notice of course details and registration information, email
These new programs join PECAA’s Office Manager Certification Course and Office Manager Leadership Academy to form a comprehensive suite of certification courses. Collectively, PECAA’s certification courses have graduated more than 600 alumni to date, helping to equip practice owners and their teams with enhanced knowledge and skills.
The new Vision Exam Rebate and certification courses are "just the beginning of expanded benefits for the PECAA community as part of the commitment PECAA and VSP share for  the future of independent eyecare," the announcement said.
"These programs build on PECAA’s tradition of delivering a wide range of group purchasing and practice building services, including business advisors, continuing education, staff training, human resources tools and more. In addition to programs that substantially lower the cost of goods and deliver rebates that provide an average 300 percent ROI on dues, PECAA Max membership connects private practitioners with a vibrant community of like-minded doctors who support one another’s growth and success through networking, camaraderie and idea-sharing," according to the announcement.