TORONTO, Canada—RetiSpec, Inc., an innovator in artificial intelligence (AI)-powered eye diagnostics for brain health, and Topcon Healthcare, Inc., a provider of medical devices and software solutions, have announced that Topcon has invested in RetiSpec, and the two companies are collaborating to bring RetiSpec technology to market. Among RetiSpec’s AI solutions, its clinically validated eye diagnostic AI aims to help health care providers predict amyloid burden, a core biomarker of Alzheimer’s disease even before symptoms emerge. Currently, the test is available for research use only; however, Topcon stated, once it is commercialized and integrated with Topcon Harmony, a device-inclusive and cloud-based clinical data management platform, it can facilitate early detection of Alzheimer’s disease and timely access to care.

“The launch of new disease-modifying therapies for Alzheimer’s disease has created a need for an affordable, accessible diagnostic solution,” said RetiSpec CEO Eliav Shaked. "Dementia specialists carry overwhelming caseloads, so they urgently need better screening tools to triage to other specialists earlier when new treatments are most efficacious at changing disease course. Delivering RetiSpec’s AI solution via the Harmony platform will help meet this need at scale, which could aid in timely medical management and more equitable access to treatment.”

The collaboration between Topcon Healthcare, Inc., and RetiSpec is expected to accelerate the commercialization and scale of RetiSpec’s first brain health indication in Alzheimer’s disease, according to the announcement. The company also asserts that it will help expedite the development of additional AI-powered diagnostic solutions from the eye for early detection and monitoring of neurodegenerative diseases and side effects of new therapies for Alzheimer’s disease. 

“We are committed to accelerating innovation that enables scalable, affordable health care from the eye,” said Ali Tafreshi, CEO and president of Topcon Healthcare, Inc. “RetiSpec embodies this mission by developing solutions for early detection of neurological diseases at the point of care. We are excited to empower them in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.”