MILPITAS, Calif.—SVision Imaging, a company that develops advanced ophthalmic technologies such as optical coherence tomography (OCT), is rebranding under the new name Intalight. As part of the expansion, Joe Garibaldi was named the chief commercial officer and will lead the U.S. office here and oversee all aspects of the company's commercial strategies. Before joining Intalight, Garibaldi was the president and founder of West Coast Ophthalmic Instruments & Consulting, where he consulted on U.S. product launches, KOL strategy and OCT software commercial features.

Prior to that, he was the vice president of global commercialization at Optovue. At Optovue, Garibaldi led the company to being one of the top OCT manufacturers in the U.S. and international markets for ophthalmology and optometry.
“I’m honored to be leading the Intalight U.S. operation,” said Garibaldi. “This company was built on bringing innovative technology to those who need it most and I’m excited to be part of the team that pushes the limit of technologies to empower eyecare professionals and benefit patients.”
Intalight is in the process of submitting a 510(k) for its DREAM OCT platform. DREAM stands for: Deep imaging depth, Rapid sweeping speed, Extensive scan range, Accurate lesion detection and Multimodal imaging capabilities.
As the newest rendition of OCT after the time-domain and spectral-domain, Swept-Source imaging provides some of the highest quality OCT images currently on the market.
The structure of the DREAM OCT Swept-Source 12 mm super-depth scanning allows superior imaging of the choroid and retina, and a large portion of the vitreous space. The super-depth anterior scanning capabilities achieves 16.2 mm (in air), allowing for the complete anterior segment from the cornea to the anterior part of the vitreous to be scanned in only one scan. The longer wavelength allows for superior penetration through opacities in either lens or vitreous, according to Intalight.
“We have been perfecting this state-of-the art technology for several years and we’re excited to bring it to the U.S. market with the expertise of Joe Garibaldi leading the way,” said Shawn Peng, president and founder of Intalight. “With DREAM OCT, Intalight is truly providing the ultimate solution for eyecare professionals to see wider and deeper OCTA and traditional OCT images, which deliver accurate results in repeatability to assist with improved disease management for patients.”
DREAM OCT is used by many eyecare professionals in both their daily clinical use and their exploration of the research frontiers. To date, 60 papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals based on the findings using DREAM OCT devices.
Intalight Inc. was founded by a group of scientists and industry veterans of Silicon Valley in 2014. The company’s base of operations moved to mainland China in 2015, and there are now three sites in Silicon Valley, Shanghai and Luoyang. Intalight released the first Swept-Source OCT device in 2019 and its product portfolios are extending from ophthalmic diagnostic devices to operational instruments.