BOULDER, Colo.—Treehouse Eyes, a leader in myopia management treatment, has launched its largest parent marketing campaign to date nationally to coincide with summer and back-to-school timing. This omnichannel campaign leverages years of proprietary parent research and in-market experience to deliver a targeted message to ensure parents act for their children. Running nationally, this campaign includes paid social media, influencer content, pay per click advertising as well as interviews in local markets for consumer media with Treehouse Eyes providers.

The campaign encourages parents to get a myopia consultation at one of the 70 Treehouse Eyes providers around the country. Messaging builds on the fact that parents don’t usually know their child is becoming myopic, so regular screenings with an expert provider are critical. A dedicated landing page provides more education about myopia treatment and allows parents to assess their child’s risk of myopia progression.

Treehouse Eyes’ marketing director, David Turk, said, “We know myopia awareness among parents is still low, so our campaign encourages parents to take action to protect their children, just like they would for any other health care concern. On a national scale, this campaign leverages all our prior learnings from the last few years to reach the right target parent with the right message at the right time. We are geofencing our efforts, so they are targeted for maximum impact around each of our 70 Treehouse Eyes providers around the country.”

Dr. Thanh Mai, owner of Insight Vision Center Optometry in Costa Mesa, Calif., added, “This campaign is needed to get more parents to act and really shows Treehouse Eyes leadership in this space to go beyond just parent education. Together with the many tools Treehouse Eyes provides like the recently launched Treehouse AMP platform, our office is ready to help more families.”

Treehouse Eyes started with flagship locations in Washington D.C. and has expanded by partnering with eye doctors to offer in-clinic Treehouse Eyes locations in 26 states across the country. Learn more about partnering with Treehouse Eyes here.