BOULDER, Colo.—Treehouse Eyes, a leader in myopia management treatment, announced the rollout of a new automated parent marketing platform to deliver target parents the right message at the right time about myopia treatment for their child. Developed with Engage Technologies Group, this video-based platform is now available to all Treehouse Eyes providers to deliver a powerful message to prospective parents, reduce chair time and increase close rate for myopia management consultations, according to an announcement from Treehouse Eyes.

Michelle Carrasquillo, Treehouse Eyes practice development director, said, “The innovative Treehouse AMP platform makes it easy for Treehouse Eyes providers to educate parents and deliver a proven, consumer tested message as part of a powerful, video-driven story. During our pilot phase, practices found they needed less time to educate parents and parents were more likely to move forward with treatment due to our messaging.

"Engage Technologies Group is a proven technology partner to help us elevate the patient experience with expert education, powerful storytelling, and consistent messaging. Unlike other services, our patient journey is targeted, backed by parent research and the thousands of kids we have in treatment. Now all our Treehouse Eyes providers have access to this platform. The entire process is automated and requires minimal staff time,” Carrasquillo said.

Dr. Meera Sutaria, owner of InSight Eye Optique and Treehouse Eyes provider, added, “We were one of the pilot practices to use this new marketing automation platform. It is so easy for our staff to use, simply pushing out the videos via email or having parents scan a QR code. I don’t have to worry about messaging not being consistent, the videos are so well done and tell a powerful story that helps parents make a decision to start treatment for their myopia child.”

David Pennington, SVP ocular sales at Engage Technologies Group, said, “We are thrilled to bring our proven technology platform and powerful storytelling to myopia management with the leader, Treehouse Eyes. Over the past few months we’ve collaborated to review Treehouse Eyes’ extensive knowledge of the parent journey and create a video-based platform that takes prospective parents on an educational journey. With our platform, practices don’t have to bombard busy parents with lots of content, we tell a story succinctly based on proven insights directly to their smartphone via video.”

Treehouse Eyes started with its flagship locations in Washington D.C. and has expanded by partnering with eye doctors to offer in-clinic Treehouse Eyes locations in 23 states across the country. Learn more about partnering with Treehouse Eyes at