BELLEVILLE, N.J.—Xenon-VR, Inc., based here, announced that it has changed its name to Xenon Ophthalmics Inc. "The new name reflects our industry emphasis and expertise. It also capitalizes on our shift away from VR as our primary offering to customers while opening partnership opportunities with other leading VR technology companies to leverage our platform and its patented proprietary medical-grade technology," said Zeshan Khan, president, founder and CEO. Xenon Ophthalmics uses patented advancements in eye-tracking software, artificial intelligence and machine learning integrated into a wearable medical-grade, proprietary headset. In addition, the headset contains the company’s patented liquid lens technology, which can be tuned to fit each patient’s refractive error. Click here for a detailed description of the Xenon headset as reported in VMail Launchpad
Recently, Xenon received U.S. patent approval for technology supporting visual field and autorefraction (objective and subjective refraction) functions, all combined in a headset unit, allowing these tests to be conducted quickly and efficiently by the practitioner while in the office or while working remotely.