SAN CARLOS, Calif.—XP Health, which offers a digital-first vision benefits platform, announced a partnership with The Health Benefit Alliance (HBA) to deliver an easy-to-use and affordable vision benefit. The online vision platform offers access to in-person eye exams and personalized eyewear. XP Health was launched for new HBA clients and clients renewing in January 2023 and will roll out to new and renewing clients throughout the year. XP Health will be offered as HBAVision in all but HBA's lowest-level health plan design.

"HBA clients will get to offer the XP Network we're launching with both our XP Marketplace for glasses/contacts and in-person eye exams, which gives us a network of providers/optometrists and access to 99,000+ provider-locations," said Antonio Moraes, CEO, and co-founder of XP Health. "Almost every enrolled HBA plan participant gets this by default at no added cost, which makes vision care more accessible and affordable. Our commitment to democratize access to high-quality, delightful vision care experiences for hundreds of millions of people will be accelerated with this partnership."

HBA's clientele receives access to HBAVision, powered by XP Health through their HBA portal, including both eyewear and in-person eye exam coverage, and access to exclusive savings on designer brands. In addition, HBA client plan participants can save time by uploading prescriptions, trying on glasses virtually, and ordering contacts or glasses in minutes.

XP Health works with National Vision Administrators (NVA) to offer exams through their benefits package and works with any individual’s optometrist or other eyecare provider that conducts exams to fill prescriptions and glasses or other lens orders. Eye exams and refractions are delivered in person at these optometrists or providers. The HBA partnership provides XP Health members access to get exams through the 99,000+ providers and optometrists who are part of the NVA network.

XP Health also has a strategic partnership with Guardian Life that started in July 2021 and provides XP Health to thousands of Guardian Life members.